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Information for clients and interested persons

This outline contains publications from Outdoor Research and Investment Consulting of UBZ AG. Client literature concerning specific products is presented on the homepages of the respective divisions and business areas.
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UBZ Outlook

Mileage calulations, slope's, height information and wheater forecasts for our main survival area's, trends, international overview, outdoor topics, special analyses. Appears quarterly in January, April, July, October, in German, French, and English.

Outdoor Research

Sectoral Trends

In his opening remarks at the National Innovation Summit, convened by the Council on Competitiveness, Mr. Loch, discusses the need to expand the firm's innovative capacity to ensure our ability to compete at a high level for the long term. Mr. Loch is CFO of UBZ AG and chairman of the Council on Competitiveness.

Economic Research

Outdoor Trends

Comprehensive overview with analysis of current situation, structural trends and forecasts for significant key outdoor industries incl. trends in approx. 80 sub-sectors. Based on our own, broadly based survey and analysis of other sector-specific information. Special emphasis in this years edition is laid on activities in the Netherlands and the exclusion of so called "non-trusted" sources like www.scouting.nl. Appears annually in January in German, French, Italian, and English.

Activities in the Netherlands

Outdoor Food

The Appelmans Company, with net sales of nearly $5 billion, is a major participant in the competitive packaged food industry. In the Benelux, The Appelmans Company is a leading manufacturer of sports beverages (under the Aquades brand name), pancake mixes and syrups (under the "Tante Agaath" brand name), grain-based snacks (under the Zout brand name) and value-added rice. The Company is the fourth largest manufacturer of almost-unable-to-eat cereals (the largest being Cap'n Crunch and Life) and the fifth largest manufacturer of branded dry pasta products. Founder and President Mr. W. Appelmans and CBO Mr. B. Berkhout stated at last years annual reception there was "a strong and homogeneous euforic feeling about next years introduction of dry-boiled lagers and other spirits". Also freeze-drying processes are within development scope for next year.

Activities in the Netherlands

Speech of the President

Düsseldorf – UBZ is keeping faith with digital development: The company is to invest EUR 1.7 billion in its Digital Business Segment this year. The EUR 1.4 billion to be spent for new trail development software in this sector accounts for almost half of the UBZ's total capital expenditure budget of EUR 3.1 billion. A further EUR 300 million is to be invested in the research and development of new materials, like GPS and communication systems, cooking devices and beverage products. Though our President was on a business trip in Poland, he managed to get coverage for his speech by means of a huge video screen in the dealing room. "This underscores our commitment to our participants, one of the four core areas of our company," UBZ Board member and CEO Jop Planje told some 150 journalists from 25 countries who attended a press conference held in Düsseldorf in advance of the Z 2001 trail trade fair. Another focus of investment was in the consistent expansion of the company's eBusiness activities. Mr. Planje announced the establishment of the integrated transaction portal "Global ZoutOne", which will enable the Business Groups to conduct centralized and standardized business processes worldwide on the Internet as from October of this year and at the same time improve the flow of information in the interests of our customers.


Security Announcements

This announcement is not available for non-US persons, for the inclusion of residents of other nations see the disclaimers relating to the actual services.


External Reactions

Mrs. N. Brink, former CEO of World Online made following comments:
"Tja, ik ken ze nog wel die jongens van UBZ. En zeker nu ik weer wat meer tijd heb, loop ik vaker een rondje met Poes Minet door Brasschaat (die ellendige journalisten blijven nu gelukkig een beetje weg). En dan valt op wat een faantaastisch produkt ze eigelijk hebben. Maar het businessplan van UBZ lijkt nergens naar hoor! Maar de meeste mensen kunnen toch niet lezen, de meeste prospectussen worden ook niet gelezen wat er ook instaat. Ik heb ze als eens eerder gezegd dat ze veel meer op virtual reality moeten gaan, dan hoef je voor die routes niet meer het huis uit. Echte Freedom of Movement dus. Ik heb tijdens de, zal ik maar zeggen, World Online affaire ook de hele dag met zo'n helm opgelopen, en ik moet zeggen: het werkt verademend. Afwisselend tussen Stuake II (een soort Quake, maar dan op de beursvloer) en "Ein Abend mit Andre Rieux". En nu moet ik wel zeggen dat ik hem tijdens de afwas wel afzet, want het blijft lastig met afdrogen. Nou leuk dat ik toch niet helemaal vergeten ben, en die 1500 Euro voor dit artikel zijn weer goed voor het rampenfonds."
End quote Mrs. Brink. (Unfortionately, Mrs. Brink did not have the opportunity to translate this to English)


Trends for Small and Medium Enterprises

Analysis of a survey of 1,500 smaller and medium-sized trails and trailing-companies from different regions. Appears semi-annually in November and May in German, French and Italian.

Survey trailing company's - Publications

Breaking News

Chief Content Officer (CCO) D. Lebbing arrived at a Washington hospital today where he will undergo tests to see if he will require an implant to regulate an occasionally irregular footstep. After a 25-year history of outdoor experience, including four zout attacks, the CCO predicts the device will be necessary.

Medical Information

Outdoor Internet around the Globe

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, July 2001 – Outdoor Internet BV, 100 percent subsidiary of UBZ AG and one of the largest suppliers of web-hosting services in the Netherlands, announced today that the company has launched a series of new dedicated and shared hosting products targeted at the Dutch outdoor market. The new product launches will be supported by a marketing campaign featuring Outdoor Internet's new professional image as a hosting specialist and company logo. Outdoor Internet has achieved widespread recognition as a specialist in Linux, the operating system that is highly regarded by technical experts. Since 1996, the Amsterdam-based company has developed into one of the Dutch market leaders in shared hosting services for the business market. Starting this week, Outdoor Internet is also offering dedicated hosting for Linux, giving the client exclusive use of a server of their own. In addition Outdoor Internet is also launching further attacks on dedicated hosting products based on Microsoft’s technology to further serve corporate customer needs. Quoting Mr. Steve Balmer this new strategy "should be considered a serious treat to Microsoft's business". In addition to new Linux shared and dedicated hosting products, the company will shortly introduce co-location services and media streaming products. With clients like Voorhuid TV, Allways-On-Top®, "Het Sterrenbosch" and "Het Pumpke", Outdoor Internet is already a major player in broadband applications for the media market.

Mr. E.J Putz, Managing Director of Outdoor Internet, and CTO of UBZ AG, together with his team, stated: “The introduction of a robust, reliable and cost effective dedicated hosting product is a key element to our business strategy. Currently, Outdoor Internet is able to provide the industrial strength hosting solutions that are required by corporations today in order to support mission critical applications over the Internet. The knowledge and skills accumulated as the leading provider of web hosting solutions over the past five years in the Dutch market and the backing by our parent company, UBZ AG, and their state of the art, fibre based broadband network and data center facilities, position Outdoor Internet as a leading candidate to take advantage of the next Internet revolution. After this rubbish, you're not supposed to listen anymore.”

Technical Statements

Investment Funds / UBZ Fund Facts

Most important data, facts, information to all investment funds of the UBZ.
Order this publication with the order form or by writing to: UBZ AG, Outdoor Information Center, P.O. Box, CH-8098 Zurich.

UBZ investment fund account. Systematically growing your capital

Short information and explanation about Investment Funds and advantages of UBZ investment fund account.
Order this publication with the order form or by writing to: UBZ AG, Outdoor Information Center, P.O. Box, CH-8098 Zurich.

UBZ Investment Funds: When are you coming on board?

This booklet explains comprehensible what Investment Funds are and informs about their use and possibilities for Investors.
Order this publication with the order form or by writing to: UBZ AG, Economic Information Center, P.O. Box, CH-8098 Zurich.

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